Learn basic sounds of each alphabet and practice reading simple words.
How does it work?

Phonics helps students who are learning English for the first time. It gives basic formats and shapes of each letter as well as the sound and pronunciation of it. In addition, there are example vocabulary words for all letters so students learn the way they are used with other alphabets.
Read short stories of objects in people’s daily lives and expand creativity through different aspects of learning.
How does it work?

Read a chapter of a storybook and learn the vocabularies and expressions that are used in each book.
creation story
Approach the origin of all the living creatures around the world through stories and features of the past.
How does it work?

Watch the videos as much as you want.
Each video is about 2-3 minutes long and it contains short and concise sentences for students to understand better and easier. Remember the "Today's sentence" at the end of the video. That is the key message of the story.
basic english
Practice speaking English through short conversations using different kinds of daily events.
How does it work?

It is organized to make learning easy by focusing on basic words and phrases. In the 4-part dialogues, students can hear the pronunciation of the dialogues by pressing the sound button, and also make the dialogues full screen to see the sentences in detail.

Basic Lessons help you learn words and simple sentences repeatedly, focusing on the topics in everyday conversations. Download it as a PDF and use it for learning.
basic korean
Learn Korean alphabets and sounds to pronounce Korean words and read short korean stories.
How does it work?

You can learn the basic letters and pronunciation of Korean through the content in the Letters & Sound tab, and both workbooks and study materials are available for download.

Korean storybooks are also organized to help students learn simple words and sentences. Levels 1 through 6 start with easy words and gradually increase in difficulty.
Learn the most widely used computer language from the basic and practice making own commands.
How does it work?

It consists of chapters that cover the most basic and widely used Python programming from installation to basic coding.
Each chapter is explained in a short video, and you can read the explanation and download a PDF to study.