Frequently asked questions
What is Adducate?
Adducate is an educational project created to “add” education to people around the world. A group of volunteers came together and shared their talents and ideas to design this project.
    Adducate allows all students to learn in any circumstances and environment regardless of their English level and the feasibility of internet connections. It is also available on Chrome and Safari browsers. Details can be found here.

What does each class teach?
Currently, Adducate is composed of Six subjects. These will be developed and enlarged with an increasing number of contents and classes in the future.

  1. Phonics offers basic sounds of alphabets. It is appropriate for students with a minimum knowledge of English letters and their pronunciations.

  2. Basic English is organized to help students learn basic conversation and phrases/words in a conversational topic.

  3. Storybook provides a collection of books appropriate for children from kindergarten to elementary school. The stories are based on our daily lives with characters around us and give readers lessons and wisdom.

  4. Creation Story approaches the origin of living creatures through stories and features from the past. Students can learn each story through watching a short video repeatedly and memorize the most important sentences about the topic.

  5. Basic Korean offers the Korean alphabet and its pronunciation. Also, the contents are organized to make it easy to learn simple words and sentences through Korean storybooks.

  6. Python provides the most basic of computer programming languages in a way that makes it easy to learn the basics and apply them to create new things on your own.

How can I access a class?
Phonics, Basic English, Storybook, Creation Story, Basic Korean and Python, are compatible with a personal computer (PC), laptop, or tablet. Students can learn by clicking or touching the images or columns.

Do I need an account to access classes?
No, all classes are accessible with and without an account. However, a learner’s process will be saved for tracking for those with an account.

How can I join this project?
Send a self-introduction email to You can tell us about your main areas or describe the areas you would like to help.
    Adducate is open for everyone to join. :)

How is the content copyrighted?
All of the content on Adducate is downloadable.

Organizations and members have put their hearts and souls into the content. They have graciously allowed us to make it available to learners on Adducate. We hope you find them useful.